This generation is living in a technology world, where we could easily hide our day-to-day problems without ever telling another person. Therefore causing people not telling their loved ones about the issues at hand. As a society, we casually stroll past people thinking they don’t have any problems. In fact, the average person has many problems and no one is there to help them. One of these increasing problems in our society is bullying.  Bullying in simple terms is a person who habitually intimidates a weaker person. There are several types of bullying: cyber, religion, work place, school and based on looks bullying. 

Modern technology has made it is easier for cyber bullying to occur to children. For example, children could be forced to add some bullies on their Wechat account, and then they would taunt the child through cursing or forcing them to send money. All this to avoid getting beat up.

We live in a world with many different religions, and people are judged by their own beliefs. For that reason, some people make quick judgment without thinking about the consequences. This leads to religion bullying. Mostly we are uninformed and also afraid of what we not understand.

Any individual entering a new company could face work bullying. They are picking on the new person because they are new and they aren’t doing the work correctly. Either they yell at his face directly or make jokes about the new person behind his back. It also could get as far as physical abuse and violence

Everyone goes to school and as human beings we come in different shapes, sizes and maybe some have  physical health problems (tall, short, fat, skinny, black and white). Some bullies pick on kids that are mentality weak or have abnormal health issues. Bullies find their target and they exploit them constantly. They are easy targets because bullies know bullied kids won’t go to authority to report them. They’ll continually to pick on them without getting into trouble. 

Unfortunately, bullying happens in every country in this world, and children are the most affected by it. Children won’t go to authority to ask for help to accuse their accuser of being bullying them. Bullied kids have low self-esteem and they don’t know how to handle the situation. So they’ll casually go through life enduring the pain and suffering, and hoping it will eventually go away. In reality, this solution doesn’t work, and it’s up to good-caring citizen to help these bullied people. As a society, we need volunteers to help create awareness so that we could reduce bullying. It will not happen by a certain individual, but it could happen by a group of responsible people that spots bullying, gets involved, resolves the issue, and a check up after being bullied. 

A Heart For China charity takes responsibility to introduce anti-bullying in schools, and create a group of responsible kids so that they can reduce the number of bullying in that school. 

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