A Heart for China: An Organization Without Boundaries

Once, while browsing WeChat Moments, I came across an announcement for an activity held by A Heart for China. Rather than continue to sit around doing nothing that day, I signed up. It’s lucky that I made this decision; the activity turned an idle weekend into a meaningful journey. Doing charity work is not a one-sided labor on your part; what you give you get back in love, happiness, healing and encouragement. Before I joined this activity, my attitude was that was me who was helping others, but to my surprise I found that I too was richer for the experience.

We volunteered at a nursing home that day. Chatting with the elderly residents, I found them to be positive, warm and open, and felt that they cared about us just as much as we did them. Their wonderful and abundant spiritual life impressed me a lot. Grandma Wang, who was a soldier, is now a model. She proved that she was still elegant when she showed off her catwalk moves. Then there was the painting grandpa, the singing auntie...I was so touched by their attitude towards life and felt rejuvenated after meeting them!

After our interactions, we had a brief discussion and recap led by Ronny, where he told us the importance of accompanying those in need. Material donation is not an essential part of charity. It’s more important to share your time and with others and give the gift of your company, and  anyone can do it. The key component in A Heart for China is the heart. That is: love.  All you have to do is be willing to share your time and your smile with others.

We welcome everyone with a loving heart to join!

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