A Heart for China “Volunesia” (noun) that moment when you forget you’re volunteering to help change lives, because it’s changing yours…

My heart has always been one that is filled with love for service for what I call our “World Framily” (Friend + Family)…When I moved to China in November 2013, I joined the Shenzhen Volunteer Group and tried to make service a part of my weekly routine, however I found it difficult to fit my unpredictable schedule and life.  A couple years later, by chance, I stumbled across my Belgium Brother Ronny’s “A Heart for China” Charity, and found that his mission and heart spoke the same language mine did.  What an angel to recognize and understand the need for our orphaned world children and elderly to be continuously connected to their siblings living in society just outside their home.     

In my humble opinion, “A Heart for China” is an ideal charity.  It does not elicit funds, waste time, or disguise any hidden agenda, it is purely the bridge of compassion and love between world siblings that give meaning to life.  It has been simple to visit our world family at least once a month, however the benefits I have gained are beyond any numerical figure.

As a foreigner in another country, being across the globe and disconnected to family, physically, it is a human need to feel the pure love and compassion of others, especially children and the elderly.  When playing with the children, they allow us to see how simple and fun life is and make us appreciate every moment we have here.  The elderly are overflowing with wisdom and unconditional love.  Even though we cannot understand every word being spoken, the language of love is easily communicated. This exchange allows us to enrich our hearts and helps us to help ourselves and go back to society to be more kind and compassionate towards all.  This understanding and love being paid forward is an unmeasurable asset to our communities and personal well-being.  

Thank you Ronny and his BIG “Heart for China” dream that has materialized and brought joy to so many world framily members.  So blessed to be part of a community that actually cares about doing the simple things in life that will leave the biggest mark in other hearts.  

Welcome all to share their time, feel the love and change your life while changing others. 


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